I am passionate about the importance and long term benefits of quality early education for children and our wider community. I have worked with children in the Kadimah School community since 1999 and specifically in the Preschool since 2003. Along with this practical background, I completed my academic qualifications in 2009 and believe in the value of lifelong learning.

The delight that this age group of children who when they make new discoveries is extremely rewarding and I feel privileged to be part of their learning and development.

I believe Kadimah Preschool is an environment where fun and learning go hand in hand. Children are nurtured in order to feel safe to share their ideas and learn from their peers and teachers. It is a place where friendships emerge and the seed of becoming lifelong learners are sown.

I am delight to be part of a team of teacher who are passionate in creating this environment for your children. I am a Primary trained teacher and have experience as a parent/educator in Playcentre. I have two children who have both graduated from Kadimah Preschool.


I have been involved with children and Kadimah since 1991, intermittently working as a teacher’s support in both the Preschool and the Primary School. All three of my own children attended the Preschool and then continued their education through Kadimah College.

I thoroughly enjoy the daily fun of the Preschool environment and find it a pleasure to be involved in the education and care of young children.