אם לא עכשו אימתי – If not now – when

We believe that it is a privilege to be involved in the learning and development of young children, who should be perceived as capable, confident and unique individuals.

Values – yours and ours

At Kadimah Preschool we create a warm and secure environment where the children’s development and learning are encouraged in an atmosphere supported by high values and the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum – Te Whāriki.

We want to share your culture

We promote a sense of belonging and equality by not only celebrating dimensions of the value system of Judaism, but also that of the diverse cultural backgrounds of all children that attend. We ensure that your children understand their peers, differences and us all being the same under the sky.

We also acknowledge the importance of recognizing Māori as the Tāngata Whenua.

What’s this about charity?

Giving charity is another core tenet of Jewish life. As with other cultures, we are encouraged to give to those more in need than ourselves. There are many ways to give charity – your time and effort, supporting the ill, monetary support – all are important. We teach the children the importance of looking out for others and seeing beyond our own immediate needs.

Remember, sharing is caring!


Respect for the individual


All children and their families should feel welcome and included, regardless of gender, ethnicity, socio-economic group, religion or any special needs.


Encouraging good deeds.


Fostering a culture which promotes knowledge, fulfillment and creativity.


Prayer, beliefs and spirituality.


Belonging and equity by valuing and celebrating the spiritual dimensions of Judaism as well as the diverse cultural backgrounds of all children.