Kadimah Preschool Special Offer

Kadimah Preschool is a unique opportunity for your little one!

Come and join Kadimah Preschool with its highly experienced staff who will nurture your little ones while providing them with quality education & stimulating activities all with a Jewish flavour.
Strong values

Family, respect & belonging

Connection to Israel

Songs, Hebrew & culture

Jewish identity

Tradition, Chagim, Kab Shab & community

Small class size

Attention, warmth & care


Your child’s outcomes

Independence, knowledge & friendships

Smooth transition to school

Interactions & activities with Kadimah School

Experienced teachers

Stability, continuity & lnowledge of Israeli traditions

Celebrates diversity

We are not an exclusively Jewish preschool

בואו נבנה ביחד משפחה ישראלית בגן קדימה!

A special offer is now available to you! *


Days attending
per week
Special rate per term
(after ECE)
1 $330
2 $580 $550save 5%
3 $859 $720save 15%
4 $1,220 $1,000save 20%
5 $1,800 $1,500 save 23%


This offer is only available until the end of Term one 2020!



  • 5th day is free in 2nd year of attendance.*

  • Have a child at Kadimah School and a child at Preschool? Get a $250 credit off your second Preschool invoice.*

  • “Friend-Get-Friend” – introduce a new child to Kadimah Preschool and get $50 credit and $50 for the new family.*

  • More than one child at Kadimah Preschool? Get extra savings on your second child.*

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Terms & Conditions

  • 5th day free – must be registered five days each week in second year of attendance at Kadimah Preschool.
  • $250 credit only applies to Preschool registrations of 4 days or more per week.
  • “Friend-Get-Friend” credit only available upon formal registration of child introduced.
  • Discount for second child at Kadimah Preschool limited to an additional 10% of full year fees payable. Applies to children attending 4-days or more per week and is applied on the invoice for each Term.
  • Pricing above assumes child eligibility for ECE Govt Funding. Non-funded fees can be discussed with Kadimah Preschool if required.
  • This offer is available to all pupils that register between 01 December 2019 and the end of Term 1, 2020 and applies for the duration of their time at Kadimah Preschool.