The children have the opportunity to attend weekly visits to the school library where every fortnight they are able to take a book home.

Twice a term we also enjoy a visit from staff at the Auckland public library, who plan an interactive 1/2 hour session of singing, dancing and reading, based on the children’s current interests.

The weekly reading buddy session with the Junior School is always a highlight. The children enjoy interacting with the older children and building relationships which support them with their transition to school. This also supports the children becoming familiar with teachers from Kadimah school.

Music sessions are held once a week with our wonderful music teacher Vicki Ross. The children attend sessions on alternating weeks where they participate in an interactive musical adventure.

Once a week we are allocated time to use the school gym. This allows us to plan large games and activities that help to develop the children’s gross motor skills, encourages group work where the children share ideas, take turns and learn to work together.

The preschool children attend Junior Assembly every second Tuesday. This is special time of week were we join the school to celebrate the children’s achievements, birthdays and mitzvot (good deeds). Twice a term the Preschool class hosts the assembly where they have the opportunity to show the wonderful work they have been doing and share their interests with the rest of the school.


Definitions of some unique experiences at Kadimah Preschool

Shabbat (Sabbath) is the Jewish day of rest. This is a very special day of the week and we celebrate it every Friday in Preschool. The children are encour-aged to bring a coin for charity (Tzedakah) and we appreciate flowers to brighten our Shabbat table. The charity money that is collected is given to a worthy cause at the end of the term

Morning welcome time includes T’fillah (daily prayers) and choosing the Toranim (leaders) for the week.

The Hebrew language is integrated throughout all aspects of the curriculum and daily program. The children display interest and enthusiasm when learning and using Hebrew in the classroom and display joy with the satisfaction of being able to communicate in another language.

We learn about and celebrate the Jewish festivals and use these as opportunities for wider learning across the different curriculum areas. Preschool families are included in these celebrations.

The preschool children also join with the school for many of the activities related to the Chagim. This includes a shared Seder for Pesach (Passover) and parade for Purim.

Transition to School

One of the most amazing events of the Kadimah year is celebrating the graduation of our Pre-School children to Kadimah School just upstairs. Kadimah School has an established reputation of continuing the focused education provided by the Pre-School with small class sizes and excellent teachers and corresponding academic and leadership results.

Your child is by no means compelled to graduate to Kadimah School. However sharing the site with Kadimah School provides children with regular opportunities to visit different areas of the school and participate in school life, before “moving up”. 


How is the transition facilitated?

During their last term at Preschool they will visit the New Entrants class once a week for formal school visits. As their birthday approaches, these visits become more frequent with the children joining the New Entrants room for reading and math sessions.

This, together with the many other shared activities during their time in Preschool makes the transition to school a happy and positive process


One drop-off for great education

It also means that families can have younger ones at Pre-School and older children at Kadimah School – one drop-off for great education across the board.