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Transition to School

One of the many amazing advantages of sharing a site with Kadimah School is that it allows us to provide extra support and learning opportunities while children are getting ready to make the big transition to school. One of the ways we do this, is through our Friday ‘school group’. Every

Our visit to Shalom Court

One of the highlights of our year is the trip to Shalom Court. The special connection between Preschool and Shalom Court is something that we value very highly and enjoy strengthening each year. It is lovely seeing the interactions between the children and the residents and it really connects our sp

Living Eggs

  Over the last few weeks we have had the amazing opportunity of watching our baby chicks from Living Eggs. The children loved this hands on experience where they were able to actually observe the chicks hatch from their shell! Watching the chicks grow during their time with us was an incredible le